Golden Shrimp Plant Indoors and Out 

It takes particular care to grow this tropical plant indoors, but it produces stunning color year-round.   

In warm climates, plant this beauty outdoors and enjoy it for years. Indoor and outdoor care instructions.  

Inflorescences of bright yellow bracts produce little white tubular blooms. Inflorescences endure a month or more, while flowers last a few days.  

Golden Shrimp Plant cultivated outside may lose leaves and tip damage in a cold below 50 degrees. Hard-prune the plant to 12 inches above ground now.  

Older shrimp plants are leggy, so this encourages bushy growth. Even warm-weather plants should be clipped in winter.  

Golden Shrimp, a houseplant, thrives outdoors in summer. Place it on a sunny patio spot and water often to keep the soil moist.  

When temps dip, bring it indoors to the warmest spot. Winter watering can be reduced, but spray and give it as much direct light as possible to maintain humidity.  

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