Grow a Flock of Hens and Chicks Plants

It's the ideal succulent for a novice gardener, but why is it called that? Here are several things to be aware of with the hens and chicks plant.

This succulent likes full sunlight but may tolerate light shade. Hens and chicks plants can grow 20 inches wide under ideal conditions. Get great value!


Hens and chicks need little water. It may be preferable to neglect to water than overwater. The soil must drain adequately for this plant. Very moist soil is bad for it.


The majority of hens and chicks plants thrive outside in Zones 4-8. Some can grow in Zone 3, but most can't tolerate Zones 9–11's heat and humidity. 

Growing Zone

They can be grown indoors as houseplants in any zone. Put them in a sunny container with room to grow.  

Hens and chicks aren't much to watch out for. Their only vulnerability is mealybugs, so monitor the plants and destroy them fast. Otherwise, mealybugs may infest other garden plants.


Hens and chicks plants are available at most garden centers and Etsy. Popular variants include Cosmic Candy Chick Charms red cobweb hens and chicks.   

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