Grow a Sand Cherry Shrub for Spring Pollinators

The easiest and most beautiful pollinator-attracting bushes are early spring. Sand cherry shrubs are wonderful. Beautiful white or pink flowers attract birds, butterflies, bees, etc. Gardeners prefer the low-maintenance sand cherry outside spring.  

This shrub is easy to maintain once established. It merely needs the right conditions. Any decision will shape your landscape. It tolerates dry soil and full light. Your plant won't wilt if you forget to water.  

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Not only in April does this plant stand out. Summer provides small cherries to upward-arching trees. Willow-shaped, glossy green leaves cover stems.  

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Sand cherries turn color again in October. Red-orange leaves. The best fall shrubs were found. Dropped leaves create interesting winter shapes on swooping branches.  

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Spring flowers feed backyard pollinators. Yellow stamens and five tiny petals embellish the flowers.   

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Summer backyard birds like cedar waxwings and American robins like dark cherries. Winter birds hide on dense stems.  

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Jade Parade is notable for its bluish-green leaves and weeks-long spring spectacle. 

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