Grow an Endless Summer Hydrangea for Weeks of Blooms 

Unlike garden-variety hydrangeas, which only bloom once a year, bigleaf hydrangeas rebloom to extend the summer season.  

From spring until fall, they can blossom on current and past seasons' growth. They also survive colder winters better than other hydrangeas.  

Follow these care suggestions to maximise your Endless Summer hydrangea. The grower's website says sunlight is crucial to reblooming.  

It is advised to place the plant where it will get full morning sun and afternoon "dappled shade."  

The grower advises warmer climate gardeners to minimise early sunlight to 2–3 hours. Partial midday shade is fine.  

Endless Summer hydrangeas thrive in loamy soil and can change colour depending on soil pH.

Endless Summer-reblooming hydrangeas like fertiliser. Use a granular, slow-release fertiliser in spring or early summer, although over-fertilizing can stunt bloom growth.  

Overwatering an Endless Summer hydrangea might also hinder blooming. Endless Summer hydrangeas require less pruning, a key benefit.  

These plants bloom on both new and old growth, so avoid over-pruning and pruning in August. Fallen leaves, wood mulch, or straw can insulate your in-ground hydrangea for winter.  

Visit your local garden centre to get Endless Summer hydrangeas. The Home Depot and Tractor Supply Co. provide online shopping.   

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