How to Control and Get Rid of Grasshoppers 

If grasshoppers are scarce, hand-pick and shatter them.Grasshoppers can eat textile row covers, but metal window screening or screened boxes can safeguard your plants.  

Hand Pick Insects & Protect Plants 


If you know grasshoppers travel through your home garden, create a "trap crop"—a boundary of tall grass or other green plants.  

Grow a Green Border 


These pests can be controlled by natural creatures. Many birds are natural grasshopper predators1,3, so placing bird feeders in your yard can help control grasshoppers.   

Natural Predators 


Neem oil deters and slows grasshoppers, helping nature.5 This recipe makes a neem oil solution that stunts or stops grasshopper growth.

Neem Oil 


Traps In small farms and gardens, grasshopper traps work well. Vertically place a clear pane of glass to attract grasshoppers that will die in soapy water.  



If grasshoppers invade numerous growing seasons, consider biological control. Organic grasshopper baits Nolo Bait and Semaspore employ Nosema locustae.   

Nosema Locustae Bait 


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