How to Grow and Care for Pilea Involucrata

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Friendship plant Pilea involucrata has bronze and silver foliage and textured, richly veined leaves. Remember that Pilea mollis, the friendship plant, is often confused with this plant.   

Pilea plants thrive on jungle floors, where they receive filtered light but no direct sunlight. Thus, keep your friendship plant out of direct sunlight to avoid leaf burn. Position it for bright, indirect light.   

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Rich, loamy, well-draining soil is preferable. This keeps the Pilea plant moist but not waterlogged. A compost, perlite, and coco coir mix drains well without drying out. The soil mixture will stay light and airy.   

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Pilea involucrata prefers dampness. Thus, water these plants regularly. Avoid overwatering to avoid wet soil and root damage. To determine if your Pilea needs water, feel the soil.   

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The health of this tropical houseplant depends on moderate to high humidity. Ideal humidity is 60%+. To do this, keep this plant in a terrarium, near a humidifier, on a pebble tray, or mist the foliage.   

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Temperature and Humidity

Pilea involucrata tolerate fertilizer. For optimal results, feed this plant a well-balanced liquid fertilizer diluted to half strength once a month during the growing season. Avoid fertilizer in winter.   

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