How to Read People's Eyes: Secret Cues and Giveaways 

Do you understand how people feel and think when you first meet them? An old proverb says, "The eyes are the windows to the soul." Sense a pattern? We believe it's okay!

We can find out a lot about someone by watching how their eyes move, especially how they're feeling. This post is going to break down different habits and cues that eyes give off. You will learn the following from this guide.

If you think you can decipher the eyes' hidden significance, test your talents. We love doing novel tests on human behavior in our Science of People human behavior research lab, and we want to know how well you can understand emotions from eyes alone.

We made a quiz where different people show different facial emotions, but the catch is that you can only see their eyes! Please help us. To see how good you are, please take the quiz below.

Before I go into specifics, I need to talk about why baselining is important. Find their standard. This is the first thing you should do to see if someone is lying. Here are some ideas to help you begin.

Once you know what someone's standard is, you can look for some of the following eye movements. When you notice one of these signs that is different from how they usually act, you know it's a red flag and need to look into it more.

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