How to Train a Puppy: The First 10 Things You Need to Do 

Teach Them to Know and Love Their Name

What's a name? Nothing if your puppy doesn't know. Say your puppy's name and give it something pleasant and rewarding.Some puppies learn to run when they hear their name pronounced angryly since they're used to it.

Teach Them to Come

You can get your puppy ready for this word before you even start training it. They should learn that coming over to you means a lot of fun, like tug games, treats, meals, or belly rubs.

Teach Them to Let You Grasp Their Collar

When someone grabs their collar, many puppies "fight or flight" in fright. You must raise a puppy to expect a great reward when their collar is yanked. Practice looping a finger through the collar and rewarding it with a high-value treat or tug.

Teach Them to Enjoy Life

Some puppies are easily scared or distrustful, especially during the 4–6-month terror period. Pairing scary experiences with rewarding ones is optimal.

Teach Them That Nothing Is Free

Play training activities to teach your dog to earn food, treats, toys, and playtime. It will improve training and your dog-owner relationship. 

Teach Them to Love the Crate

Your puppy must snooze often. By restricting food and toys to their puppy crate, you may teach him that it's a great place to relax and play. 

Teach Them to Trust People

Teach your puppy that good people deliver pleasant stuff. My student Elizabeth invented this word for what I encourage all my pupils to do.When she visits a dog owner, she delivers the dog a special, high-value goodie (approved by the owner). 

Teach Them You’re Their Best Friend

Though they love other dogs, my dogs love me more. Because I trained them to value me above most things.Allow your dog to socialize while practicing that ability.

Teach Them to Go to Their Place

Jumping on guests and door-dashing are gone with one order. This is useful when kids have friends or classmates around to play or complete homework.Early in training, I reward my puppy for running to a mat when a doorbell rings. 

Teach Them to Learn Self-Control

An eager puppy can learn to settle on order, which is invaluable. Dogs are happy for several reasons, including when kids comes home from school.This mood shift can be taught by playing tug.

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