Hummingbird Eyes Can See More Colors Than Humans 

Say it's because their long, narrow tongues take nectar from flowers quickly or because their robust tail feathers can make hairpin twists.

Hummingbirds' big eyes can see more colours than humans. Human retinas have three cones for blue, green, and red tones, but hummingbirds have four.  

The fourth cone in hummingbird eyes detects UV light, which humans cannot see. When UV hues mix with visible ones, new colours form.  

Hummingbirds adore red for a good reason: Their retinas have a higher cone density, which mutes blue and boosts red and yellow.  

Hummers use their wide vision to find food and mates. This applies especially to finding flowers with life-sustaining nectar.  

Plant colourful phlox, hollyhock, foxglove, and lantana to attract hummingbirds. Hummingbirds love red, therefore the more red you blossom, the faster several new friends may arrive.  

Next time you see a jewelled marvel fly by, welcome it with a variety of nectar sources and envision the amazing colours it sees in nature.  

Still, one of hummingbirds' most intriguing features is hidden. Only in recent years was it realised.   

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