Hydrangea Not Blooming? Here’s What to Do 

My shaded oakleaf hydrangea is 7 years old. However, my hydrangea is not flowering despite its robust leaves, which I maintain periodically.   

Pruning this and other hydrangeas requires timing. Oakleaf hydrangeas have blooming buds the year before. Reduce pruning to maximize flowers.   

This controls plant size and promotes blooming. Heavy pruning increases plant size and requires further pruning.   

In colder climates like yours, plants fall back to the ground, removing flower buds and leaving a green bush.   

To protect flower buds in winter, leave your hydrangea standing and mulch around it. Cut only dead stems in March, possibly to ground level.  

To promote flowering, fertilize in spring and keep soil moist. I have had luck with Milorganite nitrogen fertilizer with nonleaching phosphorus.   

Most pink or blue bigleaf hydrangeas bloom exclusively on last season's growth. Also called mophead hydrangeas.  

Evergreen boughs or weed-free straw can be used to cover plants after the ground freezes. These mulches insulate better than leaves.   

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