Keep Feeders Up for Late Migrating Fall Hummingbirds 

Hummingbirds may battle over the feeder, but they don't enjoy it enough to risk freezing northern winters without bugs.  

How hummingbirds survive winter. After my annual reminder, I'll explain why hummingbird feeders shouldn't be taken down yet.  

Late October hummingbirds can use feeder energy to migrate south. These birds need accessible food to recharge after frigid nights.   

Despite your summer resident hummers leaving, some will return from the north! Taking down hummingbird feeders too early deprives them of food for the long flight.   

Every year, rufous hummingbirds migrate east, and October and November are the best months to watch them at your feeders.   

Hardier than ruby-throated hummingbirds, this species can endure colder conditions. Easterners report this species during fall migration.  

Late fall is when rare hummingbirds appear. Birders have seen broad-billed and calliope hummingbirds.  

You never know who might be the next birdwatcher to discover an amazing rarity if you leave your feeder up!  

Expert Tips to Attract Hummingbirds in Winter 

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