Make a DIY Hummingbird Mister Birdbath 

Although hummingbirds struggle to bathe in regular bird baths, they enjoy mist! This DIY bird bath is ideal for hummingbirds to play and wash.  

– 5-gallon plastic container, about 20 x 16 x 12 in. – 2 unthreaded 1/2-in. PVC pipes, 14 in. and 15 in. long – 1 piece threaded 1/2-in. PVC pipe, 18 in. long – 2 PVC elbows for 1/2-in. pipe – 1 PVC cap for 1/2-in. pipe – PVC cement – Steel wool – Submersible pump – Small rock – One 1/2-in.-female-to-5/8-in.-male adapter – 3 mister – Spray primer, paint and finishing spray

Cut the unthreaded PVC pipe. Left leg: 14 inches, top: 15 inches. The 15-inch component needs one centre hole for the top mister and two for the bottom misters.  

Thread both ends of the third PVC for the right leg. Likely precut to 18 inches. First measure, then cut this to 12 inches. End the threaded pipe and pump with the adaptor.  

Connect all plumbing parts. Start by steel wooling the PVC pipe ends, elbows, and caps. It will help the pieces stick.   

Remove sprayers and adapters and lightly sand pipes with steel wool. Let the piping dry after priming. If necessary, prime your container.  

Put the misters in now. Use a toothpick to apply a pea-sized amount of cement to the misters' bases. Insert into drilled holes without clogging sprayer openings.  

Use the adaptor to connect pump and piping. Secure inside the container with small rocks or bricks.  

Add water to your new hummingbird mister and place it outside close to the flowers or feeder the hummingbirds prefer. Have fun!  

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