Men, Here are the 10 Types Of Women You Should NEVER Marry! 

The Insecure Woman

Inexperience and insecurities from high school or college cause insecurity in younger women, while unsuccessful marriages or committed relationships can hurt even older women.

The Booty Call

Forget your no-strings-attached sexual relationship with a woman if you want more. Rarely does a booty call relationship become more serious. You won't obtain the love you want.

The Spender

Most women don't want your money. Thus, many live independently and make money. However, exceptions exist, and you don't want to be with a spender. Spending women can't save a penny for their lives. 

The Beauty Only

The Beauty Only devotes all her work to maintaining her appearance. She probably works out, gets her hair and nails done, and buys high-quality makeup. 

The Drama Queen

Everyone knows a drama queen, right? Drama queens are loud and party animals, so they look enjoyable at first. However, her incessant drama might tire and possibly get you in trouble.

The Negative Nancy

Negative Nancy's glass is constantly half-empty. She's the quintessential pessimist who never compliments anyone. This type of lady has trouble getting along with friends because she always sees something wrong with them.

The Party Girl

You can find party girls of any age. Women in their 30s and 40s can party as much as 20-somethings. While it's fine to relax occasionally, the party lady lives and breathes parties.

The Liar

Liars are women who lie because they can. A woman who makes white falsehoods to avoid hurting someone is not the topic. This woman lies as naturally as she breathes.

The “I’m Not Ready” Woman

She's definitely the hardest to go. The “I’m Not Ready” lady can be great and someone you want to be with. Her “I’m Not Ready” may go unnoticed since she appears like a lovely person and you assume she’s ready to settle down.

The Clinger

She supported you throughout. You have amazing dates, adventures, and share hobbies, interests, loves, and dislikes. She attends all your family and friend gatherings, waits in your office lobby, texts your friends—wait.

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