My Hummingbirds Have Disappeared What Happened? 

Hummingbirds will leave your backyard in fall in milder climates like the North-east, Midwest, and inner West.  

Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman, birdwatchers, claim hummingbirds migrate long. Some rufous hummingbirds migrate south by late June.   

Birds & Blooms reader Sal Ahmed comments, “Anna’s is the only one of the four Pacific North-west hummingbirds that doesn’t always migrate south in winter.  

Some worry that putting a hummingbird feeder up in fall will inhibit migration. A myth! You won't stop their migration.  

Hummingbirds travel south when days are shorter, and sugar water feeders can provide food. Hummingbird-attracting late summer and fall flowers should be grown.

If you keep your feeders out after your backyard birds have left, you might get a rare visit from a hummingbird that is native to another area.  

This fierce ruby-throated hummingbird was buzzing around, fighting over feeders and gorging on nectar as the season was coming to an end.  

Changing feeders can be fussy for hummingbirds, so be patient. It could be a coincidence depending on timing.   

Our hummingbird feeders get less traffic when our garden flowers are blooming. When there are more food options, hummingbirds visit feeders less.  

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