New Suits TV Series Is in the Works and We Have No Objections, Your Honor

The highly successful USA series Suits ended four years ago, but NBCUniversal is in the early stages of developing a new show set in the same universe with creator Aaron Korsh. According to Deadline, the new show will feature a new cast of characters at their own firm in a different location.

Mike (Adams), a college dropout, uses his photographic memory and smart skills to get a job at a famous New York City legal firm where Harvey (Macht) is a partner. The strong run led to a 2019 short-lived spinoff Pearson, which took Jessica Pearson (Torres) into Chicago politics.

After Netflix and Peacock made Suits available for streaming, audiences flocked to the show, setting a streaming record for acquired programming.

Continue reading to learn about all of the secrets that you were unaware of regarding the television program Suits as you are in the process of binge-watching it in anticipation for what comes next.

When submitting his first script, Suits writer Aaron Korsh thought it was weak. After the writer's strike, Korsh's agent pitched a Harvey series in 2008. His Hollywood Reporter quote: "I wrote an Entourage-like Wall Street comedy. I performed for an hour. Though hardly a thriller, its storyline twists generated drama."

Korsh opposed additional network edits. During the first season, they "wanted a case of the week, every week," he said, receiving recommendations to include additional scenes about the episode's client. 

NY, welcome? Since only the New York City-set series pilot was shot in Toronto, production had to get creative. Behind all office sets were two large murals representing Manhattan's panoramic view—one daytime and one nighttime. Donna Paulsen, legal secretary turned COO, posted a TikTok video. Sara Rafferty: "Basically, New York City is a gigantic shower curtain."

Since she was invited to dress up, it was a good buy. She competed with Kim Shaw for the role, but her chemistry with Adams was her secret weapon. NBC Universal Cable Entertainment CCO Jeff Wachtel told THR: "They had it immediately. Lots of fun."

It helped that Markle connected with the hardworking wannabe lawyer. "Rachel and I are very similar: ambitious, driven, and always trying to take the bull by its horns," she told Marie Claire in 2013. They liked farm-to-table food and beat themselves up ("I'm harder on myself than anyone else might be"). 

Gabriel Macht played powerful lawyer Harvey Specter. The TV Addict said, "My sister is a former Assistant District Attorney in the Bronx," before 2011's start. Aunty was family lawyer. My closest friend was a top LA corporate attorney....My divorce lawyer cousin practiced family law. I've seen bits my whole life. Weekly scripts without Google searches are nice." 

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