Plant Bee Balm in Your Pollinator Garden 

This traditional flower is perfect for a butterfly, bee, and bird garden. Bee balm, a North American product, comes in red, blue, purple, or pink.  

The plant, often known as bergamot, thrives worldwide except humid southern climes. It grows best in wet, well-draining soil in part to full light.  

Monarda plants are deer-resistant, making them ideal for household gardening. Hummingbirds love nectar!  

Songbirds like the seeds that develop after petals are spent, so don't deadhead to keep the plant clean.  

Too huge to access nectar through tubular flowers, bumblebees and other useful insects make a tiny hole at the base for a delicious reward.  

Pardon My Rose is smaller and fits in tighter spaces. Nectar-rich, vividly pink flowers make it a midsummer border and container highlight.  

horticulturist Melinda Myers: Assess growth conditions changes. Sun-loving bee balm may produce fewer flowers if new structures or trees reduce sunlight.  

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