Poppy vs Anemone Flowers: What’s the Difference? 

You were justified in mistaking poppies and anemones. Spring flowers, both of which seem alike, can confuse even the most experienced gardener.  

Even a poppy anemone blossom resembles white poppy petals. There are several distinctions between these flowers.

Anemone petals are longer and ovular, while poppy petals are wider. Different plant families exist. Poppies are Papaveraceae and anemones Ranunculaceae.  

Thank goodness these two plants have crinkly petals! You may locate the right anemone or poppie for your yard with a little research.   

Anemones can reach heights of 1 ½ feet and widths of 6 inches. The mid-spring flowers are 4 inches broad and blue-purple, crimson, pink, or white.  

Zones 4–9 are excellent for poppies. Plant them as a perennial in cooler climates but as an annual in warmer ones.  

They are 12–18 inches tall and a foot wide. The blossoms can reach 4 inches broad. Flower colours include yellow, pink, orange, and red.  

Gardeners use them in beds, borders, and cottage gardens. To plant poppies, simply direct-sow a packet of seeds.  

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