Purple Leafy Greens To Add Color To Your Garden

Purple lettuce and lush greens enhance salads and gardens. Eat different hues and pigments for health.  

Green lettuce: accessible. Easily grown and eaten. Purple and red lettuce have more antioxidants than lettuce, which isn't as healthy.  

Purple Lettuce Varieties

Some cabbages are more purple than reddish lettuces. Try these cabbages for their color, nutrition, and versatility.  

Purple Cabbage Varieties

Green and purple kale is hardy. Although many flowering kales are decorative, purple types are delicious.  

Purple Kale Varieties

Purple and red greens are ornamentals and culinary veggies. Purple mustard greens, chard, and kohlrabi are available, as is radicchio.  

Other Purple Greens to Try

Greens, cabbage, kale, and purple lettuce are healthful and easy to grow.Purple lettuce, kale, and cabbage are beautiful in the garden and healthy.  

Prettiest Edible Plants To Add Flavor To Your Flower Beds 

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