Queen Lily Ginger 

Bright flowers attract you, but they're not flowers! Poinsettia, bougainvillea, and others employ colored bracts to highlight their smaller blooms.  

Though hidden behind the bracts, the little blossoms are exquisite and merit attention.  

The common name Queen Lily Ginger is perplexing. Not a lily. It's a ginger family member and part of the same genus as turmeric, the key component in curry.   

It is a popular ornamental plant in tropical and subtropical gardens and may be cultivated in containers in colder climates.  

Grow Queen Lily Ginger outdoors in part-shade to sun in moist, well-drained soil in zones 8 and higher. This is a fantastic container plant in zones 7 and below.  

In winter, Queen Lily Gingers in pots in the ground go dormant. Even in warmer climates, foliage may yellow or die back. Trim it for a neater look.   

Queen Lily Ginger has lush, broad leaves that practically obscure the flower bracts. Rhizomes disseminate it, and clumps can be split after years.   

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