Rainbow Flyers: Brilliant Hummingbird Colors 

Love hummingbirds easily. All about them is charming: their feisty personalities, fast flying, adorable cup nests, and lovely feathers.  

The Spectrum of Hummingbird Color

In my backyard, I photographed a male ruby-throated hummingbird with my Canon EOS 1300 D. When I clicked the shutter, this male was unafraid of me.

Regal, Red Ruby-Throat

The Anna's hummingbird I saw in Tucson, Arizona, is stunning. The hummingbird stance and colours are stunning!" Joan Purcell says.  

A Striking Pink Anna’s Hummingbird

Although little, the rufous hummingbird is powerful, which makes him remarkable. His feeding area is fiercely guarded.

Small But Mighty Rufous Hummingbird

This was my first hummingbird photo. Ronda Legg claims this male ruby-throat sat on her rose trellis in August.  

A Sparkling Backyard Ruby

In May 2016, I visited Arizona. He was around, so I took many photographs of this blue-throated alpine treasure. Ramsey Canyon in Hereford, Arizona, was photographed.  

Bold Blue-Throated Mountain Gem

In this rainbow bird photo, I love his red beak against his blue-green body. Justin Lingana captured this broad-billed hummingbird photo at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum.

Rainbow Hummingbird

Trying to shoot Rivoli's hummingbirds at Davis Mountain. Despite not getting a good snapshot of one, I found some lucifer hummingbirds and grabbed my favourite shot.  

Luminous Lucifer Hummingbird

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