Rare Bicentennial Quarter Valued at about $80 million: Worth Over $20 Million USD Are Three More

Coin collecting yields shocks and fortunes. Bicentennial Quarter worth approximately $80 million is unique. There are additional valuable coins. We analyse five more quarters valued over $20 million to show their value and history.

History 1794 Hair-Flowing Dollar. Unmatched first-federal dollar history. Lady Liberty and Eagle symbolise the young nation's values. In 2013, a rare and historically significant example sold for $10 million; experts say it could fetch $20 million presently.

The 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar

1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle mystery and legal issues. Currency regulation amendments ruined most Great Depression-minted coins. To collect, few survived. A 2002 $7 million sale ended years of illegal ownership.

1933 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle

Popular 1913 Liberty Head Nickels. Five were manufactured. Concealed minting and auto crash describe this coin. Rare coin demand may raise a 2010 auction to $20 million from $3.7 million.

1913 Liberty Head Nickel 

Rare 1804 Silver Dollar, “King of American Coins.” Appraisal. Diplomatic gifts important 1830s. 15 cases prove its rarity. In 1999, coin sold for $4 million and may be worth $20 million.

1804 Silver Dollar

US gold Half Eagles from 1822 are rare. Three samples prove its rarity. Collectors and historians appreciate early American coins. After selling for $700,000 in 1982, one may be worth $20 million.

The 1822 Half Eagle

History and value make rare coins special. These coins tell American stories, from the 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar to the 1822 Half Eagle. The Bicentennial Quarter's $80 million value illustrates metal artefacts' endurance.


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