Rare Bicentennial Quarter Worth This Christmas Nearly $10 Million USD: 6 More Worth over $1,000,000 USD


Its double date (1776-1976) commemorating America's 200th anniversary makes this 1976 quarter special. A rare minting imperfection and flawless condition make this coin worth over $10 million. Instead of copper-nickel, the planchet was 90% silver. Its uncirculated and inaccurate state raise its worth.

The $10 Million Bicentennial Quarter

This rare coin is a mule, a coin with mismatched obverse and reverse dies. An incorrect 1941 Canadian quarter was minted as a 1970-S proof quarter. Its rare inaccuracy and historical significance make it worth over $1 million.

Washington Quarter Struck on 1941 Canadian Quarter

Collectors love double die coins. A double die obverse duplicates the design on this 1964-D quarter. A rare find due to a minting error. In perfect condition, this quarter can sell for $1 million.

1964-D Washington Quarter with Double Die Obverse

This quarter is known for the ‘spitting eagle’ fault, where a die fracture makes the reverse eagle spit. While not as rare as others on this list, this coin can sell for over $1 million in top condition, especially among error coin collectors.

1983-P Washington Quarter – Spitting Eagle

One kind of the 2004-D Wisconsin quarter has a high or low corn ear leaf. These variants were presumably die gouges; not deliberate. However, their rarity and origin intrigue make them worth over $1 million each.

2004-D Wisconsin State Quarter with Extra Leaf

Like the 1964-D, this 1972 quarter has a double die obverse. Most striking is the doubling of ‘LIBERTY’ and the date. Because of its rareness and inaccuracy, it's worth over $1 million.

1972 Washington Quarter with Double Die Obverse

A broadstrike error happens when a coin is struck without a collar, spreading it widely. Rare 1999-P Connecticut quarter with broadstrike error. The mint condition version is worth over $1 million.

1999-P Connecticut Broadstruck Quarter

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