Stella D’Oro Daylily Is a Resilient Garden Star 

From the name Stella d'oro daylily, you know this garden star is stunning. These flowers are backyard favorites for a reason.  

These hardy yellow flowers thrive in hot sunny borders, slopes, black walnut trees, and salted roads and roadways. However, shadow will not please them.  

If they have enough light, rabbits and most insect pests avoid them, and diseases rarely affect them.  

Although these daylilies are known to withstand drought, in hot weather they will bloom most effectively when given more water.  

The fragrant "mini" daylily Stella d'oro has won awards. The plant blooms for weeks throughout summer, but each blossom lasts one day.  

To get the most color and impact, plant them in clusters, but make sure to allow them some room to flourish.  

The green leaves resemble grass and grow to a height and width of 10 to 12 inches. Every several years, split off each clump to get more free plants.  

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