Cancelled Suits Spinoff Ideas Revealed By Producer

The executive producer considered a Louit Litt Suits spin-off. Rick Hoffman played the courtroom drama's quirky and volatile lawyer, who clashed with Harvey and Mike. Fears and Jessica's maltreatment sometimes caused him to destroy his firm. Louis, one of Suits' most complex characters, always amends.

Suits creator Aaron Korsh and his team contemplated a Louis spin-off. Post-Gina Torres Jessica Pearson gets her own show, Pearson. Non-writing producer Gene Klein told TVLine they considered a Louis Litt spinoff and other failed ideas.

Given Suits' nine seasons, Louis Litt as a spin-off protagonist makes sense. The show's fans have known him for years as an original cast member. 

Another ensemble series with Dulé Hill's Alex, Katherine Heigl's Samantha, and Amanda Schull's Katrina risks being too similar to Suits. Despite its success, it will likely always be in the shadow of its parent series.

Louis committed many horrible crimes in Suits. He angered everyone and made Mike's life tough after discovering his secret. He once insulted Donna and Rachel, two of his closest colleagues. He eventually controlled his emotions. Suits ended with Harvey and Donna leaving the company for him to lead.

Suits' climax wonderfully set up a spin-off, but Klein may have been talking about this. Otherwise, the new program may have him leave New York for a new career.

Given its Netflix success, there are rumors of a Suits comeback. Since everyone is working on their own projects, it's unlikely that the proposed show will bring back all the original characters.

If a platform wants to capitalize on the legal drama's revival, a spin-off may work best. Their best option is Louis at the center.

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