The 10 Most Beautiful Small Towns In Every State 

Alabama: Magnolia Spring

Magnolia Springs is a small village named from mature magnolia trees that shade the Magnolia River. The Spanish settled the Southern town in the 1800s, giving it a rich history.

Alabama: Mooresville

o town is smaller than Mooresville, with 50 residents. Everyone knows everyone here, as expected. Visit JaVa.Mooresville, the town's cafe, to converse with the unofficial record keeper or Lyla's Little House, where owner Lyla Peebles sells nostalgic candies and curios.

Alaska: Sitka

People who live in Sitka get to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Who else does that? The Sitka National Historical Park is a good place for their puppies.

Alaska: Unalaska

Unalaska, a remote village accessible only by plane or boat, provides environment and history enthusiasts activities. Explore gorgeous hiking paths, whale watch, or discover World War II history at the Aleutian Museum.

Arizona: Bisbee

Bisbee, a free-spirited town that loves the arts, will broaden your horizons. Local artists give seminars at Bisbee Craft School and exhibit in municipal galleries.

Greer, Arizona

Mormon settlers from Utah created Greer in 1879. The small town's weather is perfect for nature enthusiasts seeking a calm White Mountains getaway due to neighboring lakes.

Arkansas: Eureka Spring

Living in Eureka Springs means 24/7 natural beauty. Even Thorncrown Chapel, the town's most famous church, has 6,000-square-feet of windows to enjoy the Ozark mountains.

California: Carmel

Carmel-by-the-Sea's fairytale architecture and one of the state's most stunning beaches make any street feel like a movie. It helps that Clint Eastwood is the town's noble mayor.

California: Solvang

Solvang, in California's Santa Ynez wine valley, feels like Europe. This picturesque Danish town of 5,909, 45 minutes from Santa Barbara, is worth a day trip, road trip stop, or holiday. You may desire to live there full-time.

Colorado: Ouray

Locals and guests may enjoy Ouray's non-sulphur hot springs, which may help calm life. When driving over the San Juan Skyway, one of the nation's most scenic, the surrounding mountains may also change your perspective.

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