The Most Valuable Peace Silver Dollars

Peace silver dollar important dates, rarities, and variants demonstrate the value of little coin variances. Check coin descriptions and photographs to identify it. Some coins' values depend on many things. Rarer Peace silver dollars are worth more.

To comply with the 1918 Pittman Act, the Treasury Department struck millions of Morgan Dollar-style silver dollars in 1921. American Mint designers sought more time to design the Peace silver dollar. In great relief, Anthony de Francisci sculpted the Peace silver dollar.

1921 (Philadelphia Mint)

Pressure is needed to mint coins. Bigger coins require more pressure to strike. Philadelphia mint workers missed a deteriorating die in 1922. The reverse die crack left a metal blob below the eagle and above DOLLAR. This variety is obvious without magnification. 

1922 Die Break in Reverse Field

Philadelphia mint workers missed a coin die issue again. The obverse die was eroding and cracking. The crack appeared in Lady Liberty's hair behind her ear. A metal protrusion across her ear and neck distinguishes this die variant.

1922 Die Break at Ear

Again, Philadelphia mint workers missed a coin die issue. Obverse die was eroding and cracking this time. Lady Liberty's hair cracked behind her ear. This die variation has a metal protrusion across her ear and neck.

1928 (Philadelphia Mint)

After 1928, demand pushed the Mint to create Peace silver coins again. The Denver Mint issued 1934 doubled die obverse coins. The upper left corner of GOD's "D" and WE's lower "W" should double. Double Lady Liberty's profile and the sun's rays on the right side of the coin.

1934-D Doubled Die Obverse

Uncirculated specimens are difficult. The 1934-S Peace dollar is the fourth-lowest mintage in the series, just over one million coins.

1934-S (San Francisco Mint)

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