The Top 10 Best Companion Plants for Roses 

Roses reportedly adore garlic. Garlic does prevent rose fungal problems like black spot. Garlic may prevent garden pests.   


Lavender will relax you whenever you walk by, but deer will stay away. Elegant flower spikes will accentuate, not overwhelm, your roses.  


These vintage annuals look great with roses. Backyard bunnies dislike their pungent fragrance. Geraniums with rose aroma are available!   


The bright annual flowers are said to repel pests. Marigolds bloom all summer and are easy to raise with only a packet of seeds.  


As with garlic and allium, chives also work well to ward off pests and prevent illness in your rose garden. Moreover, chives can be eaten!  


This is an excellent herb for your kitchen garden, but you might want to think about adding some extra parsley to the pot next to your roses.   


In a traditional cottage garden, roses and garden phlox are a classic combination. Your most exquisite roses go wonderfully with the ruffled blossoms.  

Garden Phlox

As their common name implies, bees enjoy these rose companion plants. Hummingbirds too! Garden pests avoid bee balm since it's a mint.   

Bee Balm

Anise hyssop's towering spires provide your rose garden vertical interest. These plants attract hummingbirds and butterflies!  

Anise Hyssop

In your rose garden, catmint will attract many pollinators. With a mid-season haircut, roses will bloom uninterrupted into fall. Their bushy appearance hides their bare legs.   


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