The Ultimate Guide to Growing (and Eating) Zucchini 

Having an abundance of zucchini for many days? Learn what to do with extra zucchini when it seems like it will never stop producing.  

Zucchini is Mexican, but Italian immigrants brought the modern version to the US. Early 16th-century Italian variations were spherical.   

History of Zucchini

Zucchini Flowers (Shutterstock 163030412) Remove zucchini flowers to limit growth.To stop production, consume female blooms (look for a zuke at the base) filled with cheese or meat and sauced or fried.  

Zucchini Flower

Mild-flavored zucchini is the most versatile garden produce. Zoodle, grill, fill, fry, bake, pickle, grate, or slice. Since more selection increases plant production, desperation may explain all those disparities.   

Cooking With Zucchini

What to do with all that bounty? Use it for consumption, donate it to a food bank, or feed backyard chickens and bunnies.have fun! Consider a local zucchini growing contest and potluck.   

What to Do With Extra Zucchini

Make pumpkin skin designs for a centerpiece with carving tools. Save and dry mature seeds for cardinals at the feeder after batting a wiffle ball with large ones.  

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