These are 9 Signs That Your Relationship Is Over 

When you’re emotionally disconnected

Emotional intimacy is great for relationship maintenance. A partnership without it is unpleasant. An emotional separation between spouses is an indication of a broken relationship.

When you have different goal

Setting goals as partners shows you agree. If your aims and objectives are very different, you won't get halfway. You may drift away if you feel stuck in the relationship and have different paths.

When you feel alone while being together

You may feel so far from your mate that you don't care if they're home or asleep. You may want to lock yourself in your bedroom when you see your partner. An dysfunctional love relationship makes you feel alone even when you're together.

When conversations get difficult

You're afraid to speak or respond because of your partner's reactions. When you feel like you're walking on eggshells around your lover and simple discussions are hard, the relationship is done.

When you lose your identity

Losing yourself and ignoring your feelings are symptoms that a love relationship is over. You may feel irritated and upset after losing your identity. It can cause worry, bitterness, and pessimism.

When there’s no respect

When one partner no longer accepts the other's values, the relationship may end. Questioning or criticizing the other shows disrespect. Without respect, a relationship and love cannot last.

When there are too many argument

If you quarrel over small things like wet towels on the floor or filthy underwear in your room, your relationship is unhealthy. Disputes frequently entail yelling and frustration.

When there is a lack of empathy

While empathy can prevent disagreements and misunderstandings, a relationship without it will fail. When partners don't grasp each other's feelings, the relationship is indifferent.

When you don’t spend enough time

While it may seem reasonable to dispute over misaligned schedules and conflicting responsibilities, spending your leisure time doing something unrelated to your partner shows that you've lost interest in your relationship.

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