This Birder Found a Hummingbird Nest and What She Did Next Will Warm Your Heart 

Dennis, my husband, was using the garden hose in our backyard in March when a female Anna buzzed his ear. Her nest was on our 8-foot prickly pear cactus.  

She laid two eggs, which thrilled me as a birder and photographer. A few weeks later, bee-sized babies hatched.  

I acted with Dennis. He held the nest as I glued it to the plant using Elmer's glue. Our mother bonded with us after the incident.  

Dennis could turn on the water without scaring her or Baby. She even fed the fledgeling while I was standing there, like family.  

I worried the glue would dissolve a week later when it was supposed to rain. I pinned the nest to prevent it from dropping again, but our fears continued.  

Several storms were coming. The nest was protected by rigging an umbrella on top of the cactus and holding it in the breeze.  

Microbursts struck unexpectedly as I took my umbrella outside. Instead of holding the umbrella, I held the nest and infant and blocked it with my body as hail fell.  

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