This Hummingbird Feeder Looks Just Like a Ferris Wheel! 

Watching hummingbirds is fun. Red flowers, sugar water feeders, and hummingbird swings are great ways to attract them.  

I'm always seeking for ways to attract these small birds to my yard! So this cute feeder caught my eye!  

You'll think a carnival has taken over your yard when you see Uncommon Goods' colourful red ferris wheel-shaped hummingbird feeder.  

Simply prepare your preferred fair fare and enjoy a picnic near the window to take in the spectacle.  

Three painted glass bottles serve as “seats” at the feeder for many hummingbirds. Each seat has a hummingbird perch.  

The birds are safe because the wheel does not spin. Cleaning bottles is easy with the metal frame off. Cleaning hummingbird feeders.  

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