This Hummingbird Rescue Story Will Warm Your Heart 

A male ruby-throated hummingbird got lost in my mom's police department and couldn't leave.  

The bird gave up and hid atop a desk by daybreak. Our city's best, Officer Henry, hand-fed it sugar water through a coffee straw.

The hummingbird was exhausted and stopped flying, so my mother put it in a box and asked me to take it home. My 10-minute drive home felt like I hit every red light.  

When I got home, I took it outside and looked for anything that might work well as an appetiser.  

Carefully placing its bill into the fragrant bloom of my jasmine plant, I removed a limb from the plant and held the injured hummingbird in the palm of my hand.  

It was unable of raising its own head, much less its body, yet I could feel its body getting stronger as it drank.

The bird danced on my palm at Flower 10. I put my buddy near the jasmine's base, moved a few branches, and observed from my yard chair after 15 minutes of hand-feeding.  

After cautiously testing its wings a few inches above the soil, the bird flew up, down, and around the shrub!

Look and Listen for a Broad-Tailed Hummingbird 

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