To Remove Glass Skin,  Use Rice  Water

Brightens Complexion

Rice water is a wonderful substance for lightening the skin since it contains a high concentration of antioxidants from rice. When utilized on a consistent basis, it not only brightens but also reduces the appearance of dark patches and pigmentation. 

Using rice water to brighten and whiten their complexion has been a practice that Korean ladies have been using for centuries.

Anti-ageing Elixir

This is why Korean women's ages are hard to determine! Rice water contains ‘time-turning’ characteristics that minimize fine lines and wrinkles and delay their appearance by years.

Soothes Acne And Inflammation

Redness, skin inflammation, and rashes accompany acne, which only requires rice water. Rice water's starch content makes it a powerful natural astringent that cleans pores, balances sebum production, kills acne-causing bacteria, and substantially reduces acne.

Lends An Even Complexion

Rice water works great for blotchy skin from sun spots or acne! It provides necessary nutrients and a healthy, even skin tone with vitamin B and E.

Shrinks Pore

In the first few weeks of utilizing rice water, your pores will shrink. Deep cleansing can remove dirt and contaminants from pores and shrink them.

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