Tom Hiddleston Reflects On What Thor Would Think Of Loki After The Season 2 Finale

Tom Hiddleston addresses Thor and Loki's relationship after years of struggle after Loki season 2. The God of Mischief, played by Hiddleston, was the main antagonist in the first Avengers film and alternated between ambiguity and the main antagonist.

He fully arced into a hero in the season 2 finale, sacrificing himself to connect the branching histories and stabilize the multiverse.

In Thor: The Dark World and Ragnarok, Loki was compelled to embrace his transformation, but Hemsworth's God of Thunder developed further. Thor had to take responsibility for failing to save the cosmos and his mother in Endgame and his love with Natalie Portman's Jane in Love and Thunder in addition to believing his brother was dead.

The later movie ended with him becoming an adoptive father to the restored Love, who now joins him as a hero carrying Mjolnir as he wields Stormbreaker, giving him a new purpose for the future.

Despite neither character's future being confirmed, Marvel is reportedly working on a Thor 5 without Taika Waititi. After Loki's season 2 finale, Hiddleston's role in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Secret Wars' coming multiverse war has been debated.

Although the two have mostly been at odds in the franchise, it would be a nice diversion to see the Norse-inspired gods team up with their fellow heroes to defeat an MCU villain.

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