Top 10 Brand-New Types of Dahlias

Classic dahlias are garden flowers. Each year brings stunning new dahlia varieties. Here are 10 top 2022 bloomers.

Peachy Keen, a cactus-type dahlia, has enormous double flowers with thin dark pink and yellow petals. Plants 6 1/2 feet tall bloom until frost. Tuberous plants grow similarly in height and habit, homogenizing your landscape.  

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Redwood Honeybees have 5-inch yellow-pinkish orange flowers. Deadheaded it blooms eight to 10 weeks after planting till a devastating frost. With 6-foot stalks, this cultivar stands tall in the garden. 

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Named for its originator, Papa John has won awards in U.S. and Canadian trial gardens. The form, size, and number of huge, pure white blossoms are magnificent. Large 8–10-inch flower heads. 

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Monarch butterflies love the 2- to 3-inch star-shaped blooms of this orchid-type dahlia, which grows 5 to 7 feet tall. The plant's name originates from its fiery blossoms and the hybridizer's experience as a veterinarian. 

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This dahlia is 2–3 feet tall and 18 inches wide. Though colorless, the 2-inch blossoms are interesting. Bumblebees, honeybees, and skipper butterflies love the soft yellow flowers' petaloids around the golden cores.

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An exceptional example, 20th Ave Old Major grows 4 1/2 feet or more. This robust blooming produces many ball-shaped purple flowers that make great bouquets. Gardeners can collect blossoms from June to midfall.

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Featuring laciniate petals with delicate split tips, this dahlia is stunning.  It's a sturdy dahlia at 4 feet. That stature is an advantage in smaller gardens, and the plant may not need staking.

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Golden star-shaped flowers with purple petals shine in any garden. People like 3 1/2-inch blooms, but bees prefer them. Felida Mardi Gras grows 4 feet tall and flowers midsummer until season's end. 

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Well-named dahlias are great garden additions. A 2-1/2-foot plant has three-tone magenta, white, and yellow double flowers. Its small size and bright colors make it unique. Glencoe Dandy blooms prolifically throughout July.

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Windhaven Mac grows 3–5 feet tall and has broad 6-inch blooms that resemble Muppet-style.  This heavy-flowering dahlia has sturdy stems and tolerates heat well.

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