Top 10 Dumbest Dog Breeds That Are Lovably Dopey 

Afghan hound

Coren found that the Afghan hound, one of the most costly dogs, had the lowest IQ. Since these hounds are independent and strong-willed, maybe they don't want to learn commands.


The basenji, ranked by Coren as only slightly less dumb than the Afghan hound, may not be “dumb” so much as reluctant to cooperate in obedience training.

English bulldog

Many people like all these bulldog breeds. Coren's research ranks the English bulldog third dumbest among canine breeds. Novack loves the English bulldog for its gentleness. It is one of the least-biting dog breeds.

Chow chow

Despite its lion-like appearance, the chow chow is not the king of the jungle or the dog park. Coren said, “There is probably furniture out there that is more trainable than chows.”


Borzoi, one of the world's fastest dogs, is also one of the dumbest, according to Coren. Shaggy and lanky, the quick borzoi needs a lot of cerebral stimulation yet is hard to teach. 


Docile and friendly, the bloodhound (sometimes called the sleuth hound) finds missing people better than any other animal. The bloodhound is slightly smarter than the borzoi by Coren's standards. 


According to the AKC, Pekingese dogs love their families. Peeks get along with kids, strangers, and other dogs. Will a Pekingese always play fetch? Coren's technique places this Chinese dog breed among the dumbest on Earth, so it's unlikely.


The tiny, sweet-faced beagle is popular with floppy-ear fans. Its soulful eyes and clownish nature make the beagle one of the most popular dog breeds in the U.S. 


The mastiff is a great guard dog, but it doesn't sneak up. The AKC requires training for enormous dog breeds like the placid but dignified mastiff. Interestingly, mastiffs don't learn commands well. 

Basset hound

A basset hound can be asked, “Why the long face?” That meltingly drooping face with velvety floor-sweeping ears does not reflect the basset's coolness. 

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