Top 10  Most Relaxed Cities in America 

Juneau, Alaska 

Juneau, Alaska's capital, is the most calm U.S. city.Its tourist average is so low that Travelbag didn't list it, yet its air quality is 100 out of 100. The competition wasn't close, and noise and light pollution were the lowest of the 10. 


Atlanta may surprise you with its high ranking on this list. However, Travelbag's statistics explains why: At 41.9 out of 100, it has low noise and light pollution and 61 walking pathways.


Whatever you choose, Hawaii is peaceful, but Honolulu is ideal for city vacations. Noise and light pollution are average at 50 out of 100, but air quality is second best at 75.


According to Travelbag, this Texas city attracts under 1 million people annually, making it a good choice for avoiding crowds."Dallas, Texas is a great destination for those looking to unwind and take in some southern charm," the survey said.

Las Vega

Las Vegas, also known as "Sin City," might be the most surprising addition to the list. It's true that it's the fifth-most peaceful city, though. Research backs that up.


Houston's serenity is average, according to Travelbag. Another city on this list with a gentler temperature, you may visit this Texas center year-round.


Rain is calming for some—who doesn't feel more comfortable watching it fall from a warm café? This calm list includes the Rainy City, which isn't unexpected.


Miami is known for its energy, yet Travelbag found it to be one of the calmer cities. Miami attracts 8.12 million tourists annually and has 70.3 out of 100 air quality.


Boston is ninth on Travelbag's list of most peaceful cities. It averages 1.74 million tourists each year and has a higher air quality rating of 74.5 than the others.


This list ranks Chi-Town 10. Travelbag found 90 warmer-weather walking pathways in Chicago, though it's not for the faint of heart in winter. It also has a decent 56.6 out of 100 air quality rating.

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