Top 10 Prettiest Hybrid Tea Rose Varieties to Grow 

French botanist Francis Meilland created the Peace rose and sent cuttings to friends worldwide during the German invasion.   

Peace Hybrid Tea Rose

Mister Lincoln resists illnesses better than other hybrid tea roses. The irresistible scent of this traditional deep red rose makes up for its erratic foliage later in the season.   

Mister Lincoln

In full sun, this award-winning hybrid tea rose's licorice-scented, multicolored blooms of yellow, apricot, and pink intensify.   

Tahitian Sunset

This bright red hybrid tea rose is perfect for a patriotic display or memorial garden. Late spring–late fall, Veterans' Honor flowers.   

Veteran’s Honor

In southern growing zones, this pure white rose can endure summer heat. Dark green foliage highlights your garden's exquisite blossoms.   

John F. Kennedy

Not sure between red and white roses? Double Delight offers dual pleasure! The sweet and spicy flowers of this disease-resistant hybrid tea rose are stunning.  

Double Delight

Olympiad, a 1984 All-American Rose Selections winner, was named the Los Angeles Olympics' official rose. This disease-resistant powerhouse handles most.  


Try Just Joey for a colorful alternative to red flowers. Peach blossoms with wavy petals are lovely. Cut a few to enjoy their fragrant scent indoors.  

Just Joey

This stunning rose is unique. This rose will shine in your flower yard with its striking dark pink and white petals and disease resistance.   

Neil Diamond

Bright, sunset-colored blossoms are hot! Home gardeners love these tea roses for their tenacity, like Knock Out Roses.  

Rio Samba

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