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Learn why these wonderful, shade-tolerant, low-maintenance coral bell cultivars are among the best-kept secrets in the garden. 

The heat-tolerant Dolce line includes this reddish-purple variant. Look closely at the leaves for black veining. Heucheras bloom in spring, but this one blooms white in summertime.

1. Blackberry Ice

The leaf starts rose-pink but turns purplish in summer. Late spring brings light pink blooms that last all summer if deadheaded. Water plants well and grow in partial shade, especially while establishing them. 

2. Berry Smoothie

This coral bell is ideal for heat-tolerant plants. The lime-green foliage alone draws attention. For optimal results, grow in partial shade.

3. Citronelle

This whimsically named heuchera has two stunning foliage colors: It has scalloped golden leaves with dark red centers. Gold Zebra excelled in hot, humid Oklahoma summer testing. Plant it in partial shade. 

4. Gold Zebra

Another summer heat-resistant one! It can tolerate sunlight but prefers midday shade and moisture. Rich caramel foliage blooms pink in June.  

5. Caramel

Gardeners consider Peppermint Spice the greatest coral bell cultivar for its rose-pink blooms and silvery-green foliage. Expect summer flowers and 8-10-inch plants. 

6. Peppermint Spice

Another cool-veined heuchera with dazzling flashes. Cold weather brings purple veins. Late spring/early summer brings little white blossoms.  

7. Green Spice

Enjoy dramatic foliage? Hard to go wrong with black leaves. Dark with pink flecks that grow and fade seasonally. Low and mounding, this 10-inch variety.  

8. Midnight Rose

Why it received 2001's "best new plant" award is obvious. Copper leaves, ruffles, pink buds, and cream blooms.  

9. Amber Wave

Most people grow heuchera for its leaves, but Hollywood shows its stunning flowers. The dark, silvery, scalloped leaves are stunning.  

10 . Hollywood

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