Top 10 Style Secrets of Women Who Always Look Put Together 

Develop a style uniform

Having a few go-to outfits makes it easy to look fantastic every day. The best method? Standardize your style. For work, you might wear Levi's straight-leg jeans, a blazer, and a T-shirt, or a neutral dress, statement earrings, and heels. 

Find your color

Sure, wear whatever colors make you happy. If your style uniform is based on a palette, include your most flattering hues. According to InStyle, cool skin tones look best in vivid blue, emerald, deep purple, lavender, ruby, and bright rose. 

Up your shoe game

Great shoes are like sentence periods. It should match your clothes if done right. If not, it will stand out. However, having a great shoe game doesn't mean you need many shoes or spend a lot on them. 

Hack your wardrobe

Having a hack for late mornings when you can't spend additional time on your appearance is crucial. Consider the issues that slow you down most. Find a hair item that helps in a pinch.

Put your tailor on speed dial

Fitting your components properly is crucial to making them look polished and expensive. You need a tailor. Before wearing something out, ask your tailor if it needs a pinch or hem. 

Make sure you have a match for every item

Sure, shopping for enjoyment and finding excellent goods is fun. If every mall excursion involves a huge apparel haul, you may be doing more harm than good. In fact, too many clothes might make matching outfits tougher. 

Have a two-minute hairdo

Learn a five-minute hairdo. If you have time, try curls, braids, or the latest Pinterest fad. If not, wrap your hair in a scarf or bun at the nape or crown. Black jersey head wraps match any clothing and may be used in several hairstyles.

Buy clothes that hold up

Iron? What iron? Consider buying clothes that do part of the job for you. Non-iron dress and T-shirts from many brands will stay wrinkle-free even after being stuffed in a drawer or bag on a business trip. 

Pay attention to your nail

Well-groomed nails demonstrate detail. You don't have to visit the salon every five days. A little cuticle oil and clear shellac finish your look. A 20-day gel manicure can extend your manicure.

Develop a quick makeup routine

Try to reduce your daily makeup time to 15 minutes. Have a reduced version you can finish quickly on days you slept too much. InStyle makeup artist Sonia Kashuk suggests a classic eye and lip combo in a cute, modern color. 

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