Top 10 Super Important Things To Discuss With Your Partner Prior To Marriage 

Money and Finances 

Divorce is mostly caused by finances. Discuss financial integration with those about to unite. Disclosure of spending and debt is required. All financial accounts must be disclosed.


Everyone brings property to marriage. Lawyers consider those objects that person's separate property. Discuss potential acquisitions with your partner. Most states consider inheritance and gift property as separate property upon divorcing.

Personal history 

Starting a marriage with major previous secrets is a recipe for trouble. Disclosing your past shows your future spouse you trust and value honesty. Family, health, alcohol or drug usage, excessive gambling, and criminal activities should be handled first.

Children and parenting 

A couple ready to marry may wonder how they could avoid discussing this subject, yet they commonly assume and end up with big disagreements a few years later.

The in-laws 

A marriage usually adds members to the family. This creates many new ties and commitments. The couple should discuss how much family interaction they expect after marriage.

Future residential plans 

Careers can drive frequent relocation. Especially if you and your partner were raised in separate places, discuss where you want to live once the choice is yours. 

Personal time 

Each spouse has friends and a history of enjoyable leisure activities. These may not suit a new spouse. Couples should share their feelings about having separate time to see friends or enjoy hobbies. 

Conflict resolution 

Arguments are inevitable. Know how each person resolves problems to avoid a new marriage being jeopardized. Both parties may act well when dating. Couples should discuss how they handle anxiety, but observing behavior under stress may be better.


Dating would naturally bring up this topic, but a deeper discussion is typically needed. How important is religion to you? How will various faiths effect parenting? Will your spouse's religious differences cause conflict? 

Household tasks 

Discussing domestic tasks is often worthwhile. If one spouse comes from a home where cleaners came in weekly to do basic jobs while the other lived in a home where parents expected children to help cook and clean, conflicts may emerge. 

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