Top 5  Marriage-Averse Zodiac Signs 


Pisces and Cancers aren't good for Aries. Pisceans are sensitive, thus Aries' abruptness may challenge them. The directness of Aries can often annoy Cancers. They may initially welcome honesty but later detest it. 

 Aries' decisiveness may initially entice Cancers and Pisceans, but once they learn it's the Aries way, they'll squirm out of the connection, get frustrated, or walk on. Aries is restless and Cancer is satisfied at home; they're a rough match.


Scorpio is perhaps Gemini's worst match. Scorpios are demanding, intense, and have high relationship expectations. Gemini may be fascinated by them at first, but they will soon feel smothered.


Aquarius is a formidable Cancer opponent. Cancers require stability and regularity in relationships, but Aquarians are too flaky for them. They both care about people and fairness. Aquarians need freedom, which Cancers may suspect. 


A Capricorn-Leo partnership would be difficult. A Capricorn loves tradition and habit. Many are workaholics, whereas Leos live dangerously. Leos care but don't plan.


Do not mix Virgo with Sagittarius. Sagittarius's inattention to cleanliness, punctuality, planning, and work completion would annoy even the most adaptable Virgo. 

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