This unearthly optical illusion reveals if you're set for major rewards next month 

The picture, which has the internet in a tizzy, features a little barn perched on a hilltop in a rural setting.

But if you examine closely, you'll see that the image has a few additional minute characteristics that could disclose something unexpected.

On the other hand, if you noticed the face first, it indicates that you will have an amazing month next month.

You're working hard for defined goals, so you deserve a reward. You take everything seriously and strive to improve your life.

One user wrote: "Saw the face and I claim it!" while another wrote: "I saw the face first and hope what you're claiming is genuine.

In contrast to the majority of illusions, which typically involve a time constraint and higher levels of pressure, this one does not.

If you spot the cat hiding in the store in less than five seconds 

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