Water, Bugs and Spiderwebs More Ways to Attract Hummingbirds 

The spray from misters and fountains seems to delight them. Hummingbirds need to wash, so add a solar-powered fountain to your bird bath or build a hummingbird mister.  

These small birds get protein from gnats, flies, mosquitoes, and spiders. So resist the urge to eliminate all yard pests. Hummingbirds can consume bugs instead.  

Don't remove spiderwebs in your garden during nesting season. This may draw nesting hummingbirds.  

Maple, birch, and hickory sapsuckers attract hummingbirds that drink sap from their holes. Plant these trees in your yard to attract early spring hummingbirds and sapsuckers.  

Though known for hovering while feeding, hummingbirds require someplace to rest. Hummingbirds can perch and survey from plants near feeders.   

Within weeks, newborn hummers grow from jellybean eggs to full-grown birds because to spiderweb silk's suppleness.  

Male hummers sometimes arrive in their northern nesting areas before flowers blossom. Where can they locate energy-boosting sweets? Sap from trees!  

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