What Is the Real Key to Better Stuffing? Gnocchi

Every year, there are several tips for the perfect Thanksgiving stuffing. Most guidelines recommend switching up the bread (cornbread, French baguette, sourdough), but Team Delish knows that your stuffing needs something else.

Yes, that doughy daily dinner star is making its Thanksgiving debut, and we're all the better for it. Without a doubt, the holiday dish you must make is gnocchi stuffing.

Senior culinary editor Makinze Gore states, "I had one goal in mind for this stuffing," about the gnocchi filling. "Make something anyone would be so excited to make for Friendsgiving and everyone else would be envious they weren't the ones that brought it."

For those of you who like to make people hungry and want to really spice up your holiday table, the stuffing recipe can be used as a side dish or it could possibly take the show. 

The recipe for this break-the-internet-good stuffing is simple, and traditionalists will love it. Like bread, toasting the gnocchi first gives it those crunchy, toasted edges and tops that everyone will fight over. 

As with classic stuffing recipes, toasting the gnocchi is essential: "The pieces that end up towards the top come out crispy just like a stuffing would and is undoubtedly the best part of stuffing," explains Gore.

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