Will a Praying Mantis Eat a Hummingbird? 

A huge mantis can catch and consume hummingbirds, so this is dangerous. After settling on your feeder, a mantis may return to catch a hummingbird.  

The mantis could be captured and taken away; for instance, you could drive a few miles away to a natural setting and release it there.  

Take the feeder down for a few days and let the mantis find a new hunting site if that sounds too much work and you don't want to kill it.  

After exploring, praying mantises sometimes perch on hummingbird feeders. Mantises are predators that may catch bees or other feeder-attracted insects.   

On the other hand, it has been documented that huge mantises have brought down and even killed hummingbirds.   

Your photo's mantis may not have been big enough to catch a ruby-throated hummingbird, but we move them if we discover them near our feeders.  

I found it odd that this hummingbird circled this bloom without landing. The praying mantis was lurking under the blossom.   

I moved the mantis so the hummingbird could land on the blossom without fear, explains Michele Carter of Newport, North Carolina.  

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