Your Guide to Growing Peonies in Pots and Containers 

Perennial peonies bloom into enormous flower masses without any care. Despite not having yard space, you can grow peony in pots with a bit more care.  

Peonies grow well in zones 3–8 when planted. Due of their lack of winter protection, potted flowering shrubs can be harder to grow in colder climates.  

Peonies' tap roots are deep and branch roots reach broad. Once established, they don't like to be moved, so start with a large pot.   

Peonies should be planted at the right depth to maximise flowering. Plant bare root tubers with the eyes up and no deeper than 2 inches.   

To thrive, peonies need at least 6 hours of sunlight. A little afternoon shade may prolong bloom life. Protect your plant from strong winds and rain, which can topple it.  

Peonies avoid damp soil but prefer evenly moist soil. While ground-planted peony may use their deep tap roots to find moisture in droughts, potted ones need regular watering.  

Put the pot in a garage or potting shed until warm weather comes and cover it with heavy mulch. Watch for red shoots in spring when it warms.   

Peonies rarely have problems. Peony wilt disease, a spring fungus, kills shoots and buds and turns them brown.   

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