10 Foods That Are High in Vitamin B12

10 Foods That Are High in Vitamin B12 : Of all the vitamins that are required, Vitamin B12 is one of the most important for general health and wellbeing. It is essential for the synthesis of DNA, the production of red blood cells, and brain function. Because the body cannot create Vitamin B12 on its own, one must ensure that they consume enough of it through food or supplements. This is a thorough overview to the top 10 foods that are high in vitamin B12.


10 Foods That Are High in Vitamin B12


1. Shellfish

Clams, oysters, and mussels in particular are excellent providers of vitamin B12. A 100-gram portion of cooked clams has an astounding 98.9 milligrams of vitamin B12, which is far more than the daily recommended amount.


2. Liver

Liver is exceptionally nutrient-dense, with beef and lamb liver being particularly high in vitamin B12. Cooked beef liver is a great option for people who want to increase their intake of Vitamin B12, as a 100-gram meal contains roughly 83.1 micrograms of this important mineral.


3. Fish

Salmon, trout, and tuna are three prominent fish species that have high vitamin B12 content. Packed with nutrients, cooked salmon (100 grams) provides about 4.8 micrograms of vitamin B12. It’s a tasty and nutritious way to meet your needs.


4. Eggs

Numerous nutrients, including vitamin B12, are easily and adaptably found in eggs. About 0.6 micrograms of vitamin B12 may be found in one big egg, making them a convenient choice for anyone wishing to up their consumption.


5: Cheese

Some cheeses, like feta, mozzarella, and Swiss, have modest levels of vitamin B12. Swiss cheese is a delicious addition to your diet, including about 3.3 milligrams of vitamin B12 per 100 grams.



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6. Foods fortified:

For those who are vegetarians or vegans, several foods are fortified with vitamin B12 to assist them achieve their daily requirements. Typical examples are nutritional yeast, plant-based milk substitutes, and enhanced morning cereals.


7. Beef:

In addition to being a great source of protein, beef has a high concentration of vitamin B12. As cooked beef contains about 2.1 milligrams of vitamin B12 per 100 grams, it is a common diet staple.


8. Poultry:

Turkey and other poultry are good sources of vitamin B12. About 0.3 milligrams of vitamin B12 can be found in a 100-gram meal of cooked chicken breast, which helps you meet your daily requirement.


9. Yogurt

Yogurt has vitamin B12 in addition to being high in probiotics. A hundred grams of plain yogurt contains about 0.5 micrograms of vitamin B12, so it’s a nutrient-dense way to supplement your diet.


10. Milk:

Together with other vital elements like calcium and vitamin D, milk, especially cow’s milk, contains vitamin B12. A cup of cow’s milk contains around 1.2 micrograms of vitamin B12, which makes it an important part of a diet that is balanced.



Including these foods high in vitamin B12 in your meals can help you make sure you get the nourishment you need each day. To guarantee you obtain all the vital nutrients your body needs for optimum health, you must maintain a balanced diet that consists of a range of foods. Should you have questions regarding your consumption of Vitamin B12, you should speak with a medical practitioner or a qualified nutritionist for individual advice.

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