8 Prettiest Pink Hydrangea Varieties for Your Yard

8 Prettiest Pink Hydrangea Varieties for Your Yard: Adding soft, pretty pink hydrangeas to your yard is a great idea.


8 Prettiest Pink Hydrangea Varieties for Your Yard

There are many kinds of pink hydrangeas, so you can find one that looks good with your style and will grow well where it is. Here are eight of the most beautiful types of pink hydrangeas you can grow outside:


1. Endless Summer’ Hydrangea

Lots of people like the “Endless Summer” type because it blooms on both old and new wood, giving it a flower show all summer long.

If you have acidic soil, this well-known hydrangea can grow pink flowers with big mopheads that can be light pink or bright fuchsia. “Endless Summer” does best in soil that stays wet but drains well.


2. ‘Pink Diamond’ Hydrangea

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Pink Diamond,’ also known as a ‘Pink Diamond’ blossom: “Pink Diamond” is a beautiful panicle hydrangea that is loved for the many groups of pink flowers it has from midsummer to late fall.

Hydrangea “Pink Diamond” can grow in a lot of different types of soil. It can also handle full sun, which makes it a great choice for sunny yard spots.


3. ‘All Summer Beauty’ Hydrangea

Like its name says, “All Summer Beauty” really does bloom a lot. From early summer to fall, it has a lot of pink mophead flowers.

This little hydrangea does well in some shade as long as it gets enough water every day. It looks great in pots, along edges, or with a bunch of other plants.


4. ‘Pink Elf’ Hydrangea

The pink flowers of the small hydrangea “Pink Elf” make any space look better. Pink Elf is a small plant that grows quickly and blooms in the summer. You can grow this hydrangea as a low bush in a small space or along a fence.


5. ‘Blushing Bride’ Hydrangea

Rose “Blushing Bride” is soft white at birth and turns pink as it grows. “Blushing Bride” is a favorite among brides for wedding bouquets and flower arrangements because it changes colors so beautifully. This hydrangea does best in soil that stays wet but drains well.


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6. ‘Blushing Bride’ Hydrangea

Pink and white flowers make the panicle hydrangea “Pinky Winky” look cute. They go from white to pink from the bottom up. It adds a beautiful two-tone look to the yard, making it more vivid and interesting. “Pinky Winky” can grow in a lot of different kinds of soil. It grows well in sun to light shade.


7. ‘Strawberry Sundae’ Hydrangea

What a beautiful panicle hydrangea! “Strawberry Sundae” has flower heads that look like cones and are creamy white at first, then turn a soft strawberry pink.

This hydrangea isn’t too big or too small. It can be the main flower in a row of other plants or fit in a small area. “Strawberry Sundae” doesn’t need much care and grows well in full sun to some shade.


8. ‘Cherry Explosion’ Hydrangea

The “Cherry Explosion” mophead hydrangea has big, bright pink flowers that stand out against its dark green leaves.

This hydrangea really stands out in the yard. It looks great on its own or as a wall. “Cherry Explosion” grows best where it is partly covered and the soil stays wet but drains well.



It’s nice to have pink hydrangeas in the yard because their flowers are soft and sweet. Many types of pink hydrangeas are available, from the classic beauty of “Endless Summer” to the fun two-tone flowers of “Pinky Winky.” You should plant at least one of these pretty pink hydrangeas. You’ll enjoy being outside more and your yard will look better.


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