Wave Petunia Plants Blow Other Petunias out of the Water

Wave Petunia Plants Blow Other Petunias out of the Water: In the event that you are looking for a vibrant groundcover or container plant, the Wave petunia is the one option that you should choose to take into consideration. Going any further is not necessary at this point. One of the ways that this magnificent annual bloom can be cultivated is by following the procedure that is described below.


Wave Petunia Plants Blow Other Petunias out of the Water

Benefits of Growing Wave Petunias

A petunia with the name “Wave” is characterized by a wave of vivid coloration, as the name suggests. With a height of only 5 to 7 inches and a spread of 2 to 4 feet, these striking flowers have the ability to completely engulf a container and bloom from spring until when the frost arrives.

Additionally, they are noted for growing rapidly, reaching up to two inches every day. Because of their quick growth, they are ideal for use as a ground cover; nevertheless, gardeners also frequently give them a place of honor in a container or a hanging basket thanks to their versatility. This Wave is simple to ride, regardless of the method by which you cultivate them.

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Wave Petunia Care

Wave petunias are a favorite among gardeners because they are simple to cultivate and they are so dominant that they completely dominate other types of petunias. They do well in the sun and need to be watered when they become dry, but they do not require an excessive amount of monitoring or care. Within reasonable limits, they are able to tolerate both hot and cold environments, and they are even able to withstand deer.

In order to maintain the flowers and ensure their continued growth, the website for Wave Petunia suggests pinching or deadheading the plant. This allows the plant to focus its important energy on producing an increasing number of beautiful blooms. To ensure that your plants produce flowers that are of the highest quality and most vibrant, the grower recommends that you ensure the foliage is dry at nightfall and that you feed them on a consistent basis.

Types of Wave Petunias

It is possible that you are unaware that there is more than one type of Wave petunia. In actuality, there are five of them, and the Cool Wave pansy is one of them as well! When it comes to ground covers, the original Wave is a great design option. The Easy Wave petunias have a more spherical shape than the original, making them an excellent option for filling containers. On the other hand, the E3 Easy Wave petunias bloom earlier in the season than any other member of the Wave family.

Petunias of the Shock Wave variety have slightly smaller flowers compared to those of the other kinds, while petunias of the Tidal Wave variety are the largest, most upright, and most rapidly spreading. Wave petunias are available for purchase in the form of plants or seeds, or you can check for them at your neighborhood garden center during the growing season.

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